AKSJOM | Doradztwo aktuarialne

AKSJOM Doradztwo Aktuarialne

AKSJOM Doradztwo Aktuarialne means primarily people with specialist knowledge and experience gained in international insurance and consulting companies. AKSJOM means people with passion, who enjoy their work. AKSJOM Doradztwo Aktuarialne means professionalism and commitment.

We offer efficient solutions tailored to your company. Solutions that create a unified whole with the processes and procedures already existing in your company.

Our services include not only actuarial consulting but also all issues related to Solvency II, risk management and insurance company accounting.

We work with experts from various fields, creating dedicated teams that implement projects within the mentioned fields.We take an individual approach to every project. In the course of implementation of a given project we become part of our client’s team and complete our work once the developed solution is successfully implemented.

We also work with numerous partner institutions, such as actuarial programs suppliers, business intelligence solutions suppliers, in particular for the purposes of monitoring of risks to which insurance companies are exposed. Therefore, we are ready to provide our clients with efficient assistance in every complex business undertaking within the fields of our expertise.

AKSJOM Doradztwo Aktuarialne is part of the international network of European Actuarial & Consultancy Services (EURACS)- the largest and oldest network of leading independent consulting companies providing actuarial services in Europe. Therefore, we combine excellent understanding of the local market with the knowledge and experience regarding the solutions offered in Europe.


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